Team Building


Team Building

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Team Building

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Team Building

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Team Building

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Team Building


In order for team building activities not to be reduced to drinking, overeating and going to the pub, the special challenge of each team member who is in charge of organizing this activity represents an immense difficulty, in addition to all the regular problems he/she has at work.

Dear employee reading this, I think we are on the right track to help you solve this problem. 🙂

Avantura park is a place with a quiet and peacefull atmosphere at Ada Ciganlija. It is located among the largest group of trees on this river island, which makes it a monumental space.

We are in an open area, in the nature, under a clear sky.
The right place to escape from the office space, from screens and blue light.
If you would like to improve cooperation, trust, and teamwork among your team, the ideal choice for you are TREE OBSTACLES.
The train ground is designed in such way so that no special physical fitness is required, but it is located among the treetops at a height from 4 to 8 meters, which is enough to move you out of the comfort zone. That's when support, joint problem solving (overcoming obstacles), encouragement, building trust between team members, cooperation and a lot of fun come into the game.

If you would like everything we have listed above for your team and raised 10 levels above (metaphorically and literally), the right activity for you is AVALA TOWER DESCENDING.
Experience descending from a height of 106 meters, using equipment used by elite rescue units.

If the team is in the mood for less adrenaline and excitement, with a greater emphasis on strengthening focus and discipline, the choice for you is MEDIEVAL BOW AND ARROW SHOOTING, PAINTBALL GUN SHOOTING, SLACKLINE OR TREASURE HUNTING.

Quick Info

  • Level Easy-Advanced
  • Duration depending on the activity
  • Participant depending on the activity
  • Age 18+
If you want to book a date, have additional questions or are not sure which activities are the best choice for your team, contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

These team activities develop:

Conditions of participation in activities (applies to tree obstacles and/or descent from the Avala tower)

More interesting activities

Team Building

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