If you are thinking about building adventure parks and looking for valid and accurate information, you are in the right place. Our team of experts with decades of experience in the field of work at height offers adventure park construction services, adapted to your needs and site environment.

In 2008, our team built the first adventure park in Serbia at Ada Ciganlija.
After 15 years of experience in the field of adrenaline parks, combined with the experience we bring from work at height and which lasts for over 35 years, we managed to build a unique process of designing and building parks of this type. This is what sets us apart from others on the market and what you won’t find anywhere else in Serbia.
Thousands of meters of rope, tons of prefabricated materials, screws and wires have passed through the hands of our experts. With each completed project, our work process has improved and experience has shown us what turns out to be the best solution for your needs.

The construction of parks is also possible according to the “turnkey” system.

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Izgradnja Avantura parkova

Izgradnja Avantura parkova

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Izgradnja Avantura parkova

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Izgradnja Avantura parkova

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Izgradnja Avantura parkova

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Izgradnja Avantura parkova

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Izgradnja Avantura parkova

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Izgradnja Avantura parkova

What we do?

Design of conceptual solutions

Preparation of project documentation

Constructing adventure parks


Employee training and education

Procurement of equipment

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